Personally I don’t wear foundation because I don’t like the feel of it on my skin. I love the look of having fresh skin, not having to worry about how it’s looking during the day and what chemicals are on my face. I will only wear a bit on bronzer on my cheeks if I am heading out.

In saying this everyone wears foundation, when applied correctly it gives a beautiful flawless look to your skin. Most woman of all ages starting from the age of 12-13 wear foundation and it becomes a confidence booster most woman don’t leave the house without wearing it. I think we need to build the confidence to embrace there beautiful skin.

If you are going to wear it invest in it! Because these products go on your skin every single day or most days of the week for some and if spending a bit more on it means that your skin will be better in the future it’s worth it. A higher quality of foundation means better ingredients and more science has gone into the formulation of the product.

From a young age we need to be taught that less is more when wearing foundation and wearing a lot can only make your skin look worse sometimes. At a young age going through hormonal changes can cause pimples and foundation not only irritate it but can actually make it look worse. As we age foundation can sit in fine lines and wrinkles so spending some time to find a foundation that suits your skin better will help a lot. Thinking the more you put on the more wrinkles it will hide won’t help once you find a suitable foundation put on just enough to give your skin that radiance needed.


Color plays a big role in your skin and you need to make sure that you have been color matched correctly. Try go to someone that knows what they are talking about, someone that has experience with different brands. A foundation that you might swear by might not be horrible on someone else’s skin so always keep in mind that different brands and foundations will suit different skin types. 

Skin type

Just a tip for an older skin type when you start getting those fine lines under your eyes it is hard to find a good concealer sometimes blending your foundation and using a highlighter pen is what does the trick.
I recommend: Estee lauder, YSL, Dior and Lancôme they all have beautiful brightening pens.

In conclusion take the time to try different products to suit your skin and don’t be afraid to spend a bit more to get a better product. Because as our skin ages we will see the affects in that future so we need to treat our skin with care.

At the end of everyday make sure you remove your makeup and cleanse!

Thank you for reading, Alexandra xo

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