The perfect Skin Care routine | For a flawless complexion

We all need to have a skin care routine to maintain healthy glowing skin, we all have our skin concerns weather its wrinkles, dry skin, sunspots, pigmentation, acne, oily skin, blackheads and the list just goes on. Our skin gets put through trauma every day with pollution, uv rays, cosmetics, sweat, dirt and many more this is why we need to look after our skin.

A simple skincare regime can help all those skin concerns and those daily factors that don’t help our skin. A lot of science goes into skincare products and science has progressed in formulating good products that have advanced in treating skin concerns. There are so many beneficial ingredients and products out there that can do wonders to our skin. But I am a big believer in finding the correct skincare product to suit your skin type and concern. One product may work wonders on someone but may not do the same on another person, that’s why sometimes it can take us a lot of trial and error to find our perfect skin care.

If you’re still trying to find that perfect skincare try going to day spas and skin clinics or even departments store like David jones or Myer focusing more on the skin care product brands that are renowned for their skin care not as much the big names.

This is why having a good skincare routine is so imperative to our skin, resulting in that I have really simple easy steps that we should all be following. To get our skin looking healthy and radiant we need to keep up our skin routine without fail.

Removing all your makeup is a must at the end of each day.

Cleansing: Cleansing is to be done every day and night without fail, in the morning to cleanse and refresh your skin and at night to remove makeup, dirt and oil. It is the first step of your cleansing routine after removing makeup you can choose to exfoliate or use a mask after this step if needed.

Exfoliator: Is great to eliminate all dead skin cells and product build up for fresh clear skin it’s a must for your beauty routine and gives your skin a deep cleanse. Some say you can use a mild exfoliator daily but I believe once or twice a week is more than enough. You don’t want to strip away your skins natural oils, if you feel your skins needs some extra attention in some areas you can definitely exfoliate in those areas of concern more often. Exfoliating comes after cleansing.


Mask: Face masks are great to use once a week to give your skin some extra attention. Whether it’s to hydrate or clear up some blemishes choose the right mask to treat your skin concern. Used after cleansing.

Toner: Make sure it is an alcohol free toner, toners are hydrating and clarifying. They remove any last traces of makeup and debris left on the skin. It also smooth’s and restores your skins pH balance. This is a must to use everyday morning and night before you apply your moisturizer.

Eye cream: The skin around the eye is a lot more delicate as we get puffiness, dark circles and age. We all need that extra attention around the eye area from all the lack of sleep and products we use around it. Eye creams are designed to be use around the eye area because the skin is a lot thinner and that’s where we see the first signs of ageing.

Serum: Serums are more concentrated products that target skin concerns like ageing or acne and are a lot easier absorbed into the skin as they are as heavy as creams there for become a lot more affective. You can use a serum in different ways with your moisturizer, alone or alternating them both.

Moisturizer: This is the last product that is applied to your skin. We all need to moisturize no matter what skin type you have, you just need to choose the right moisturizer for your skin. For a dryer skin type something a bit creamier and nourishing ell help rehydrate the skin and for an oilier skin type something light and oil free. Moisturizing should be done morning and night with only a pea size amount each time we don’t need to over use product.


That is my skincare routine broken down into each step it is very important to keep this routine up to maintain flawless skin, make sure you are eating nutritious foods with lots of vitamins and antioxidants which play a big role in our skin as well.
If you have any further questions you would like to ask please contact me via email.


Thank you for reading


Alexandra xx

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