12 tips to grow your hair faster!

Growing your hair takes time and patience! I have put together 12 tips on growing your hair faster take some time out for some TLC!

  1. Use a conditioner or treatment every time you shampoo your hair, hair needs moisture over time your hair gets weaker and conditioner/treatment will help re build your hair strands.


  1. Shampoo 1-2times a week you don’t need to wash your hair every time you shower your stripping your hair of its natural oils.


  1. Small trim every 3 to 4 months depending on how healthy your hair is


  1. Cold water rinse at the end of your shower, smooths the hair, prevents moisture loss, heat damage and snags leaves your with healthy shiny hair.


  1. Do an oil or mask treatment 1-2 times a week, I prefer an oil treatment I use a few different oils and mix a few together try any of these mix and match: coconut oil, castor oil, almond, macadamia and jojoba oil. Pre shampoo for one hour or you can sleep overnight with it. Tip: Add 15 drops of rosemary oil will increase hair growth.


  1. Gently brush hair using a boar bristle brush before washing


  1. Silk pillow case, smoother hair and less tangles


  1. Don’t wrap your hair up in a towel causes breakage gently pat dry and let it dry naturally.


  1. Try not to tie your hair up to often can cause breakage.


  1. Less heat appliances on your hair the better


  1. Colour your hair less


  1. Diet or hair boot supplement, eat foods high in protein: lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy, beans greens and vegetables. Biotin: eggs, nuts, salmon, avocado. Supplements containing Biotin, vitamin a, vitamin e. I like to have a well-balanced diet than take supplements, they aren’t for everyone.


Goodluck! xo

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